Now He Is 10!

April 01, 2021


Folks, we have reached the double digits!!

Here we are, once again, celebrating another birthday during the pandemic. This year, he requested an ice cream blizzard cake from Dairy Queen, and we ordered supper from Boston Pizza (the spaghetti with bolognaise is his favourite).

This past year brought a lot of different changes and challenges to our lives that no one can really prepare for, but we met them head-on as a family. This guy has become more independent with each passing day, and we have learned how to collaborate more and and bring him into the conversation. Of course there are times when we have to put our parental feet down, but life is getting to be less about having control and more about helping him learn how to take the reins. He is still very much the thoughtful, kind, and caring boy that we have always known him to be. 

This (little) boy cares deeply about the people in his life, and will still stop what he is doing to help you, or to give you a hug to make you feel better. Now is the time he is starting to learn more specific emotions and nuanced behaviours, and digging deeper into what it means to be a good friend and a good citizen.

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