Read It: Moon of the Crusted Snow

November 15, 2020

Taking place in an Anishinaabe community in Northern Ontario, Moon of the Crusted Snow tells the story of a man learning, growing, and finding his place within his community in a time of immense uncertainty (this is very vague, but I don't want to give away any details!). 

I would be lying if I said this wonderfully written, thrilling novel from Waubgeshig Rice didn't have me on the edge of my seat the whole time. It is one of only a few times in my life that I have read so quickly and urgently. I also liked that it gave me a window to a part of Canada that I know nothing about, especially because it gave me a little taste of Anishinaabe culture (the language is peppered throughout the book) and life on a reservation.

I never knew what was coming next, or even what to expect from certain characters (and I'm usually pretty good a figuring things out or finding patterns). I have so many questions about the book, but am very excited to have just found out that there will be a sequel that, upon learning about it, cleared up some of those questions.

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