Open Ended Toys: Wood

August 17, 2020
Nothing opens the imagination up to all kinds of possibilities quite like open-ended toys. Open-ended toys provide endless opportunities for learning such as science and math, social interactions (social-emotional), and creativity, and include items like blocks of all shapes and sizes, animals and trees, and cameras. They are toys that don't have a single purpose like many battery operated toys, or even things like puzzles and colouring books, and require imagination while using them (let's be honest, your mind's eye has to tell you what your wooden camera just took a photo of). 

As the amount of items I found for this post continued to increase, I realised that I would need two blog posts to share the amazing open-ended items I found from my fellow makers. Here are some wooden open-ended toys that would be perfect for exercising the imagination! You can find the felt and fabric ones here.

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