What We Love: Summer 2020

July 25, 2020

In the past year, I have realised that I have have wavy hair, and since the quarantine, I have realised that I have curly hair (more on that later). I have used a cotton t-shirt as a hair towel for the past year and it has done the job, but these t-shirt towels from Breezy Tee look fabulous, and they are so much bigger! Brie Moore (the designer behind the shop) also creates silk-lined beanies, scarves and scrunchies for all us curl-loving people.

Like always, CBC radio gives me exactly what I need (I love that they play all kinds of musics across all genres, not just Top 40). This song from H.E.R. is the one that caught my attention most recently. I did not hear the name of it, or the title of the artist both times I had heard it (luckily they have a playlog) as I turned the car on in the middle of the song. The smooth voice, the slow soothing sounds of the music, and the spoken word section got me, specifically the lines "You are desensitized to pulling triggers on innocent lives/Because that's how we got here in the first place". It's powerful!

I have been wanting to get back into wearing nail polish this summer, but have been struggling to find beautiful colours that don't have all the chemicals, and last a long time while painting nicely onto the nail. Enter Law Beauty Essentials: Owned by entrepreneur Tanisha Lawrence, Law Beauty Essentials is a Black-owned cosmetics line that has the most amazingly brilliant shades of nail polish that are vegan-friendly and 13-free (go here to find out what that means). The next shop update is next week, so you know I'll be jumping on all those juicy summer colours!!

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