Eating Healthy for Picky Eaters: A Simple Salad

January 30, 2020

If you're trying to get on track with eating healthy, it can be quite difficult if you are not a huge fan of different kinds of foods (picky). So as I am finding my way along this winding path of taking care of my body, I want to share with you some foods that I eat as a picky eater myself, and how I am working towards getting the nutrients that my body needs as well as enjoying eating food (because not everyone wants to force themselves to eat cooked peas or quinoa).

I have always enjoyed simple salads that don't contain a lot of strange vegetables, but I have been expanding my palette and even tried kale at a restaurant recently (it was done well, and it was delicious). I am a raw vegetables kind of person, but I don't enjoy much more than cucumbers, carrots, radishes, and lettuce (pretty much any kind, but recently I've been eating something called a living lettuce). I've been adding dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds (a good fat) for some different textures (like I said...expanding my palette) and extra flavour. I do not use salad dressing.

If you're not a fan of some of these items, swap them out for a vegetable that you do enjoy. Don't make eating healthy something that's painful, because you won't be inspired to continue. If you don't want the pumpkin seeds, but like salad dressing, make yourself a vinaigrette out of a healthy oil so that you're still getting a good fat (the cranberries are just a flavour bonus for me).

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