California Adventures: The Coast

September 10, 2019

What can be said about the California Coast that showcases it's beauty, diversity, and unparalleled experience. We drove from Los Angeles to McWay Falls along the coastline. We were so lucky that  a few months before our trip they had opened the stretch of highway that had been previously closed because of a mudslide so that we would be able to travel the entire coastal highway. 

Unfortunately, our son got sick in the car and Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park was closed due to some heavy rains, but there was a spot reserved along the highway for tourists to stop to take photos of the famous waterfall that drops into the Pacific Ocean (yes...we drove 6 hours just for a waterfall). 

Luckily our son was feeling better during the drive back to Pismo Beach and we were able to stop to see the elephant seals in San Simeon. It was a beautiful, majestic drive full of physical and emotional twists and turns (that it takes 3 hours to travel such a long distance is no joke when you see the road you drive on), and I'm glad that we made the trek. 

But, like sometimes happens on vacation, I wish that we had had the opportunity to explore the park more, as well as some of the attractions along the way. Next time!

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