On The Hunt: The 5th Annual U of S Alumni Bunny Brunch & Egg Hunt

April 14, 2019

Every year I eagerly await the email from my alumni association letting me know that tickets are available for the Annual Bunny Brunch where alumni and their families get to enjoy time having food together and then watch their children hunt for eggs in the large outdoor space at the centre of multiple campus buildings that everyone refers to as The Bowl. It is such a popular even that if you do not get your tickets when the email arrives in your inbox, you are out of luck! 

We have not attended since the 2nd Annual Bunny Brunch in 2016. So this year when the email arrived in my inbox just as I was getting ready to leave work, I forwarded the email to my husband and asked him to purchase the tickets on my behalf. Our son was excited to be able to go back again, and even remembered the balloon animal that he requested last time -- a dinosaur.

This year he moved so quickly while collecting eggs that it was virtually impossible to catch him at it, and he loved the balloon bunny that he requested from Warren the Balloon Guy. As we left campus he asked if he could go to university there. I told him he was more than welcome! I hope that the Bunny Brunch will continue to be a tradition of ours, even if only sometimes.

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