Women Who I Admire and Inspire The Shop

January 23, 2018

 Julie Ann of Julie Ann Art

Julie Ann is one of the first people that I met online. I believe it was through one of those sharing things that the blogging world used to do where you would share a link at the bottom of another blogger's post. Like most people, I was instantly taken with her little dog Penny, but I also loved the fact that she also had a shop on Etsy, and I could look to her for advice. 

I was in the very beginning phase of the shop, Julie Ann was miles ahead of me, and I still had to learn that every shop grows differently and at its own pace. I loved the stories she would share on her blog, and how quickly her business was growing, but through everything she has always stayed grounded and humble despite whatever was going on behind the scenes for her personally and in her business. 

She is fun. She is strong. She is all about power to women. She is kind. She will give you a little boost when you need it most, without even knowing it.

 Erin of Boolah Baguette

I met Erin through Flock and Gather -- a local handmade market that she helped come to life. Erin is one of those people that can make you feel like you have been friends forever, even when meeting her for the first time. She is one of the most warm and welcoming people that I have ever met, and her love for her craft -- and the arts in general -- is inspiring. She also does a wonderful job of putting up with my squeals of excitement over every little thing that she makes.

I have enjoyed watching her growth and the evolution of her work, and am inspired by her creativity, how she feels the pull to create things, and her support of other like minded folks.

Sheena Greer of Colludo

Sheena has been in my life for more years than I'd like to admit. We met during a class in university. I can't remember which one, though. I believe it was an English class about the literary canon, and then we kept running into each other from there. I have been blessed with the gift of her friendship ever since, and have even had the pleasure of teaching her son -- who is just as amazing as his mother.

Sheena is one of those people that you always want to be around. Her laughter is infectious, and so are her ideas. She has a knack for coming up with things that you could only come up with in your wildest dreams, and her passion for life and her work rivals the energy of a 4-year-old. She is not afraid to dream, and she will encourage you to do the same.

Susan of Soul Paper

I met Susan when I stopped into her and her husband's amazing shop, Soul Paper. It was a random stop in around the Christmas season, and I ended up purchasing some Christmas cards and wrapping paper from them. After sharing my purchases on Instagram, I got a comment about my work from Susan, and the rest is history. When I tell my husband that I'm dropping something off at Soul Paper, he asks me how long I'm going to be because, guaranteed, I'm going to be there chatting with Susan and Alex for at least an hour.

Susan has the most beautiful soul -- making the name of her shop even more appropriate -- and she has an incredibly calm energy that projects from her and instantly makes you feel at ease. She has amazing ideas, and a different perspective that kicks you off the line of thinking that you were stuck on -- often pushing you in a more positive direction. If I had to say who my mentor would be, I would say that it's Susan.


  1. You are so sweet! Can't believe how long we have been 'internet friends'! Thankful for you. :] x

    1. Thank you! I can't believe how long we have been "internet friends" either. Time goes too quickly!


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