Banff Adventures 2016: Lake Louise

June 20, 2016

We recently took a quick trip into the mountains and back. It can feel like quite the drive when you've got a 5-year-old in the back seat asking "Are we there yet?" a million times and complaining that his bum is sore every 50 seconds. But we had a good time, and that made the drive well worth it. 

We woke up early on our first morning there to drive to Lake Louise, and make it there just as the boat house was opening. It can be quite busy during the summer months, making it hard to get one of those iconic red canoes to take out on the lake. 

Well, we had nothing to worry about that morning. We were the only ones there waiting for the boat house to open, as the weather was a ripe 4C -- and so was the water. It was wonderful though, as we were alone on the lake for a good 15 minutes before another canoe joined us. The water was so calm, the mountains were majestic, and the feeling of tranquility is virtually indescribable. It is amazing being out on a lake first thing in the morning, and being on a milky turquoise lake with the mountains looming overhead is beyond amazing. What the first peoples must have felt like taking in that beauty day after day.

When we were done with our (somewhat) peaceful journey on the lake -- I love water, but capsizing into that lake was the stuff of nightmares, and I shit my pants every time someone moved -- I made the trek to the stables for a ride around the lake head. I and one other visitor were taken on back-country ski trails and hiking trails while mounted on horses. It made for interesting conversations when we met up with people on the hiking trails -- I felt like I was famous with all of the photos people were taking of us.

It was a wonderful 2 hour ride in a part of Lake Louise that I would otherwise have never explored, but, when we were done, it took everything in me to get my leg back over the horse so that I could get down and walk on solid ground again. You know sea-legs? Well, I had horse-legs. It was worth it, though, and I can't wait to do it again when my son is old enough.

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