Listen, Look, Love: October

October 24, 2014

I discovered Papaoutai by Stromae during a regular old exploring of YouTube moment, and I loved it almost instantly. Since then I have had it on repeat on my Rdio while driving in the car, and while I am working on the computer. The video is a little on the bizarre side when you first watch it, but I love the dancing and the message behind the whole thing. It's a very clever idea. While I have no idea what is being said it is still such a wonderful song, and I love the emotion in it.


I was really excited when I saw this image of Picasso and his little dog Lump -- I love that name -- because it immediately reminded me of my own dog and the little image that I drew of him -- and became my shop logo. Not that I'm comparing my work to Picasso -- maybe I am -- but I thought it was interesting that we both drew simple drawings of our little dogs.



This dress from the F/W 2014 Ralph Lauren Collection is to die for. What a stunning piece of art and design. I would never have anywhere to wear this dress, but I would totally buy it and just walk around my house in it.

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