Decorate to Dream: Little Boy's Room Makeover

October 14, 2014

Little Boy reached a point where he needed a bigger bed, and aesthetically I didn't like the look of his room anymore -- see what it used to look like here and here. Nothing seemed to flow like it once did because everything was designed around his crib. Late this summer I finally got around to repainting his room -- it's a light shade of green which may or may not be his favourite colour on specific days -- and I have slowly been adding other elements into the room, including a bookshelf for his massive collection of books, and other little knick-knacks and pieces of art.

None of this is really an issue with the child. He could care less what I do with his room at this point, but I wanted to make it a welcoming place for him to grow up, and it can evolve along with him. Nothing is overly childish about the main elements in the room, so they'll be able to stay in there for years to come as his taste in art and reading changes.

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