Valentine's Day 2014: Spread the Love + Giveaway Winner

February 19, 2014
I always have so much fun on Valentine's Day with the children at work. I love seeing them get so excited over putting their valentines in each individual person's bag/mailbox, and then opening up their own bag to look at each valentine that they received. I got so many goodies and cute cards -- both handmade and store bought -- from my little Valentines this year, and I even received a rose from a little boy whose parents dressed him up in a little suit.

In the morning we shared the love with patients in a local hospital by singing love songs and reciting poems to them, and then we participated in the Healing Arts Program where we each got our own canvas to colour and paint on. They are now dry and we plan on hanging them up around the centre for parents and other visitors to see when they come in. In the afternoon we decorated a circle and a square cake that we made into the shape of a heart. We ate it at snack time along with some cookies that another child had made with his mother.

But Valentine's Day is more than the goodies and cards that we receive. When it comes down to it, Valentine's Day is what we did at the hospital where we sang to the patients and spread the love around to everyone. The children were unbelievably excited as we prepared our songs and poems. They had so much love and compassion for those patients and wanted to share everything with them. It was such a fantastic experience, and one that I hope to do again and again.

And now for the winner of the little art print Valentine's Day giveaway:

Congratulations to Karlee Lisafeld!

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