Show Some Confidence: Stretch Marks and Bikinis

August 31, 2012
Now that I am ever-so-close to being my original pre-pregnancy weight, I decided to bring out the bikini the next time I went swimming. Now that I am happier with my weight, I feel a lot more confident -- my husband tells me that this new-found confidence makes me even sexier than before. I never felt confident in a bikini before, even though I've always been a petite person. There has always been some area of my body that I don't like -- usually my hips and thighs -- and a bikini just does not hide that.

But now, I don't really care about that. I feel good with what I've got. I feel confident, and what I feel confident -- and proud of -- even more are the stretch marks that I gained from my pregnancy. Yes, they can make you feel self-conscious sometimes, but I just feel like showing them off. They are what my son left behind to show what amazing thing I did with my body. I carried a child in me, for God's sake, and there's nothing embarrassing about that!

What made me even more excited was seeing other moms in their bikinis, showing off their stretch marks too :)



  1. no bikini for me ever...but I do have the stretch marks to remind me of my two lovely daughters. God has blessed me for sure!

  2. I applaud your decision. I never had the guts. Now at 52 nobody needs to see that! Especially the stretched beyond it's limits bellybutton. Sorry to leave you with that visual. :)

  3. I've never been a bikini person tbh. But good for you for deciding to feel the fear and do it anyway!



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