June 15, 2015

Summer Favourites 2015

I hope you have been enjoying the sunshine that's been coming your way! We've been basking in it, and while we've been taking a break with a bit of rain -- that's well needed -- I'm excited thinking about all of the things that I want to do and wear this summer. Here are a few of my favourite things this season...

High-waisted swim suits like this one from Mod Cloth are a fun way to wear a bikini, and a romper or jumpsuit like this one from Forever 21 is a nice way to feel summery without having to wear a dress. There are some really classy versions of these styles that are easy to dress-up for a night out, and, if you're short like me, there are options like a cropped pant.

A trip to the mountains like the one we did last year as a family is a wonderful vacation to enjoy the beauty of nature, and there are lots of options to stay if you're not one for camping. While you're on holidays and enjoying the sun, it's nice to get your hair off the back of your neck. I like to do a ponytail with a twist, and often incorporate some sort of braid like this one.

I'm not usually one for putting on loads of make-up during the summer months when it's just going to melt off anyway. It's nice to keep it simple sometimes and just put on some foundation -- over top of sunscreen, of course -- and add a little mascara and some lip gloss like this look. While you're relaxing with your family and your barely-there-make-up, it's nice to have a cold drink in your hand. I love fresh-squeezed lemonade, and really enjoy this recipe for sparkling raspberry lemonade -- no need to make it sparking, though.

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