April 15, 2015

Shop Update: Springtime Handmade Market 2015

I have been a busy bee in the shop this month because I am getting ready for the Flock & Gather 2015 Springtime Handmade Market -- check out all the vendors here. I'm really excited to be participating in my second handmade market. It is such a wonderful experience, and a fantastic atmosphere to be a part of -- plus I get to finally meet you and we can interact in person.

I've got a few more brooches that I've been working on for the market, and I just finished folding the cards and categorizing them and the art prints so they are all ready to go. Of course there are other little finishing touches that need to be taken care of -- like how I'm going to set-up my table -- but I feel like the big stuff is over and now I can focus on the small details. I can't wait to see you there, but if you can't make it then I hope you send some well wishes.

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