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October 30, 2011

The Great Pumpkin Massacre of 2011

My absolute favourite thing to do just before Halloween is carve a pumpkin. I have carved a pumpkin every year since I can remember, and now I look forward to continuing the tradition with my son.

The Great Pumpkin Massacre of 2011

I don't like doing anything crazy difficult, just a simple little face. Last year I made a girly vampire pumpkin, and this year I carved a cute little face that I tried to make look like my son: a cute little nose, a toothless smile, and just a little bit of hair on top of his head :)


  1. Love carving pumpkins too! I also love baking the pumpkin seeds...mmm those are so yummy!

  2. I've never had baked pumpkin seeds. Are they a lot like sunflower seeds?


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