Behind the Art: Light Bulb

June 29, 2020

Like all of my other wooden bezel brooches, this little light bulb came about after finding some beautiful wooden bezels at a shop called Art Base. Sometimes what happens is I come up with an idea that I believe to be absolutely amazing that everyone else will love, and it ends up being something that takes forever to sell and I cart them around to handmade markets for seven years. 

That said, I know that they are meant for the people that purchase them and that they will be loved in their new homes. At a market where I was selling my wares last winter, someone asked about a rabbit cameo brooch that I had drawn thinking it had already been sold. I had it with me, but I hadn't put it out on the table. They were so excited that I still had the brooch and purchased it that day!

This brooch is still looking for it's forever home, and that's okay. I drew this light bulb because I thought it was a cute idea. Just a simple little light bulb poking up from the bottom of the bezel. We don't know what it's lighting up, or where it's actually screwed in. I like leaving those kind of things open to interpretation.

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