California Adventures: Pismo Beach

June 14, 2019

When we started planning our trip to California, I had grand dreams of landing in San Francisco and driving along the coastal highway. But sometimes money is an object and you've got to adjust those dreams. My mom mentioned that when she visited California for my aunt and uncle's wedding, they made a stop at a place called Pismo Beach and she absolutely loved it there, so we decided to check it out. We thought it would be the perfect location to introduce our son to the ocean and a great place to act as home base while exploring the California coast.

While the weather wasn't as perfect as we had hoped it would be, we enjoyed walking along the beach near our hotel (which was absolutely lovely) every day, got some amazing family photos on the beach from local photographer Austyn Elizabeth, and it wasn't too far to drive along the coast to Big Sur (more on that later) from there. We also really enjoyed the drive to Pismo Beach (more on that later too), and really wish that we had had more time to explore California as a whole. Like I said in the post about Los Angeles, we will be back!

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