California Adventures: Los Angeles

May 28, 2019

Our time in Los Angeles was too short, and this blog post would be too long if I showed you all of the amazing art work that we got to see at LACMA. I was unbelievably pumped to see an original Kandinsky (several, in fact), along with The Treachery of Images from Rene Magritte. I got as close to that pipe as I could without getting in trouble to be able to see the brush strokes (swoon). There was also this incredible structure that had car tracks and train tracks all around it where cars just swerved, swooped, and circled around structures made out of tile, metal and glass. It was like a massive Hot Wheels track, and it was mesmerizing! The first several images in my Caliventures stories on my Instagram have a lot more artwork that I saw.

We also explored the area where we were staying. The first image in this post is the view from our hotel window. It was stunning. One of the things that I really enjoyed about California was the flora. A mixture of cacti, bushes, trees (the cypresses were my favourite) and flowers. I loved the massive hedges around some of the houses and the trees with the purple flowers. It really was a beautiful place with a calming effect, and I really wish that we had had more time to explore, but I know that we will be back!

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