Life Lately: September 2016

October 14, 2016

Life has taken some fun turns lately. Our son recently started Kindergarten. He is loving it, and I am loving the independence he is developing -- more and more every day. Today I was able to drop him off at school, and I was so happy to see how he has taken to the routine of putting everything in his locker and entering the classroom. We received proofs for his school photos last week and I just about lost it because he looks so adorkable in the photos.

We have been visiting libraries and bookstores a lot more lately as the weather starts to cool down, and it's not as fun to be outdoors. We read a Curious George book to me while we were at the bookstore about a month ago. I loved how he used the illustrations to tell him what to say next, and how he followed the classic direction that Curious George stories always end up going.

The pup went to visit the Cookie Lady -- the vet -- a few weeks ago. He always gets so excited when he visits her. I was happy to find out that he is exactly where he needs to be weight-wise -- thanks to a young boy no longer feeding him table scraps. He is now 11 years-old.

We had the privilege of being able to visit with friends at their family cabin. I loved watching Little Boy play with their children, and have real outdoor experiences. He was guided well by some little experts at making use of time without television. They made fishing rods that they played with all morning, and then took to the lake with them when we went later that afternoon. Unfortunately, it was too cold to go into the water.

That same weekend, some friends and I went to the Comic & Entertainment Expo where we had the joy of meeting the lovely Carrie Fisher. She was so warm, and delightful, and fantastic! The way she engaged with fans and other people at the expo was amazing to watch. I can't wait to see who they invite next year!

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