Now He is 5

April 02, 2016

I know that I will say this every year, but it is hard to believe that he is already five. It is unbelievable that almost six years ago I got to share the life-altering news with my family that my husband and I would be having a baby, and all of the love and excitement that surrounded it. It's surreal that the photo he is holding in this new photo of him was when he was just 3-days-old, and that we now get to snuggle another precious little baby that is his baby cousin -- he thought the photo that he is holding was me holding his baby cousin.

To my precious boy, you have grown so much and developed quite the personality. You know what you want and do whatever you can to attain it or make it happen. You always have a little plan in your head about different situations and what you think will occur -- you often share these plans in the form of steps...Step 1...Step 2...until the plan is complete. But, you also know that sometimes you cannot do the things that you want, and understand when we reason with you -- you are also quite the little bargainer.

I like that you are getting more into imaginative play. Your favourite game right now is to have a super power that freezes people. You also love playing board games, doing puzzles and dot-to-dots, and working on little work books that help you with your numbers and letters. You've always had an interest in numbers and letters, and I'm glad to see that growing into an understanding about money, the cost of items we buy, and what the letters on the page say for instructions, signs, and in your books.

The joy that you get from playing outside in your sandbox, riding your bike or skooter, playing at the park, or drawing with chalk on the driveway makes me so happy. The outside world is one that you should be free and excited to explore, and we will never stop you or take that away from you. You have also built up quite a love of swimming, miniature golf and bowling, and ask to do these frequently. You will even invent your own games that involve miniature golf or bowling somehow.

In the fall you will enter school for the first time, and we are excited about the possibilities and how much your world will expand. It will be a new adventure, and one that we are happy to take with you as we have done with every adventure in your life so far. You bring such joy and life to our lives, and we wouldn't have it any other way.


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  1. Beautifully said Laura! He brings such joy to so many of us and I wouldn't want it any other way!


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