Adventures on the Road

August 16, 2011
My husband and I took our son on his first mini vacation this past weekend. We had a wedding to attend in beautiful Kananaskis and Calgary, so we decided to make it into a little vacation by visiting the Calgary Zoo, Ikea, and then the Royal Tyrrell Museum on the way home.

Our son is a mere 4-months-old, and did surprisingly well on the way to Calgary, but as the weekend progressed, and we continually put him back into his car seat, he started to get a little bitter. When we started the trip home yesterday, he was quite upset with us and would wake up frequently to voice his disgust at still being strapped into his car seat. I eventually had to sit in the back seat with him so that I could shove his soother (pacifier) back into his mouth every time he woke up; poor little guy.

Today we are taking a break. We are doing nothing that requires him to sit in his car seat for any amount of time. Hopefully a day off will wipe his little memory clean of the horrors of the car seat.

My son and I posing with a dinosaur outside
the Royal Tyrrell Museum

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