March 03, 2014

Moving into March

Spring is a long way off where I live, but it is still exciting to look ahead and plan for the warmer weather. We've already got our Summer vacation in the works, and I have an exciting announcement that I will share with you in the next little while -- it involves Spring, the shop, and a group of extraordinary people.

January and February brought us much excitement with my sister flying in for my Mom's birthday. and her big birthday party celebration with friends and family. The Little Boy finished his toilet training -- minus naps and over-night -- which we were very excited about, and I welcomed my very first KitchenAid mixer into our kitchen. I immediately started making cake, bread and other goodies.

Within less than one month we will have a three-year-old running around our house. It is such a bitter-sweet time to celebrate your child's birthday. Time flies, and when his birthday comes around again it is a reminder of how long it has been. We have enjoyed these first couple of years with him so much, and look forward to what the age of three will bring us.

What are you looking forward to this March?

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