March 11, 2015

5 Songs I Loved During Maternity Leave: Part 1

While I was on maternity leave -- almost four years ago -- I had a lot of time to peruse the internet. One of the things that I discovered was how to use the links on the right hand side of Youtube to discover music that I probably never would have found otherwise. I wanted to share with you five songs that I really enjoyed listening to -- and discovered -- while I was on maternity leave back in 2011.

The first song that I will introduce you to is Banner from Lights. I actually attended a concert of hers while I was pregnant, and, soon after I gave birth to my son, Lights released a new album. I listened to it a lot while I was at home with my son. I love the message that her music sends out, and this one seems to have so much hope to it. Enjoy!

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