November 13, 2013

Pinterest: Baked, Eaten, Delicious!

I made this delicious recipe for cinnamon pull-apart bread a couple of weeks ago, and it was a huge hit at our house and at my in-laws -- I brought it along with us for as snack as we were watching a football game. Next time I would sprinkle a little more of cinnamon and sugar mixture all over it because I found that there was not enough in a few places.

I also made this recipe for banana bread. I am not a big fan of banana bread, but my husband absolutely loved it. He said it was very moist and soft. It was probably the nicest banana bread that I have ever made. It rose very well and ended up being quite thick. My husband likes to warm it up in the microwave and slather on some margarine. Mmmm...

If you like these recipes, check out some others that I've got on my Pinterest board called "In The Kitchen". I've been having a lot of fun trying out several of the recipes on there lately, but these two were my favourite.

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