November 25, 2013

DIY: Mini Bunting Banner

Do you remember the little bunting banner that I made for my shop for the handmade market? I realised a couple of days before the show that I wasn't going to have my shop name displayed on my table, so I quickly made a mini bunting banner with my shop name on it using items that I found around the house. It's really simple if you want to make one for a birthday cake, or your own shop.

I started off by cutting a 1 3/4" thick strip of paper -- 1 1/2" was too small and 2" was too big -- but you can make it whatever size you like.

I then cut little triangles along the strip -- snipping along by alternating my scissors back-and-forth allowed me to create triangles without a template.

I used my mini hole punch to make two holes for the string to go through each small triangle on the banner, and then wrote each letter of the name of my shop on a different triangle.

I attached the string to two kabob skewers -- remember that I made this quickly with what I had in the house -- and used tape to attach it to the window that I used to display the art prints.

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