Behind the Art: Dachshunds Rule

February 18, 2019

If I'm being honest, I thought it was a funny concept to have the body of a really long dog marked as a ruler. Of course the dog would have to be adorable (as all dogs are) and long. A Dachshund worked perfectly for the previously mentioned requirements, and the art print Dachshunds Rule was born!


Mexico 2019: On the Resort

February 10, 2019

Back at the beginning of January, I took my first trip to Mexico. A friend and I stayed at RIU Santa Fe in Los Cabos and absolutely loved our time there. We lived by the pool, or on the beach, and just soaked up the sun while enjoying free drinks and delicious food (my favourite is the pico de gallo and nachos). 

When we weren't at the resort, we were out exploring Los Cabos either snorkeling and getting a tour of the Sea of Cortes, or in one of the cities (Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo). As you may recall from my trip to Hawaii a few years ago, I fell in love with the ocean and everything it taught me. I was cautious of the water in Cabo as it reminded me a lot of a place we swam in in Hawaii. We enjoyed letting it wash up onto our feet, but the pull of the water could be quite intense and tried to pull us along with it a few times. 

I love laying on the sand listening to the waves as much as I love being in the water, and wandering up and down the beach in search of seashells was an excellent workout. The beach is a peaceful place for me. What is your peaceful place?


Shop Update: Little Shop of ElleSee Loyalty Card

February 03, 2019

We are so excited to share with you our newly created loyalty card program! 

Here's how it works:

1. Purchase a card (or a few)
2. Get a hole punch for each card purchased
3. Receive your choice of a free card after buying 8 cards

You can pick up your card at the next market we attend, or we can get a card started for you from your next online purchase. Just mention it in the "message to the seller" section during check-out. If you make your purchases online, we can keep the card on file for you and give you a hole punch for each card you buy, and let you know when your card is getting full.

**Please note
that the Little Shop of ElleSee Loyalty Card can only be used when making a purchase directly from us, it is not for use at any of the shops that our cards are sold at. 

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