March 01, 2016

The Shop: Little Shop of ElleSee is 5!


Today Little Shop of ElleSee is 5! It's actually kind of unbelievable that the shop is already that old. I still remember the feeling of excitement like it was only yesterday. I had such a sleepless night -- not just because I was pregnant -- because I was so excited about the name that had popped into my head the night before. I was so anxious when I typed my shop name into the shop creator on Etsy. I'm just giddy thinking about it now.

There has been so much evolution throughout the history of the shop -- and behind the scenes. From the change in photography style, to the first time I used the Fabriano paper. Since the shop has opened, I have had opportunities to participate in handmade markets and from that have come even more opportunities and relationships. I look forward to what the next five years bring to the shop, and can't wait to share with you the next stages in our evolution.


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