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July 09, 2014
When I did Flock & Gather back in April, I had the privilege of being next to a wonderful woman named Andi. She sold beautiful bags and jewellery that she had created to sell at the market, and she was my booth neighbour. I was having some trouble using my Square card reader on the first night of the market, and, upon noticing that she was having no troubles with hers, I asked her how exactly to use it. Our relationship kind of snowballed from there. The next morning, before the market opened, I asked her for some advice with a new product that I was selling. Everyone was picking them up to look at them, but no one was buying. That's when I found out that she started a website called The Dream Job Shop. It's a beautiful website that's full of shop courses on how to improve your life and your shop, design a product line, etc.

I was hooked instantly. Andi and her team have created a wonderful place full of inspiration, motivation, and advice on how to make your business better and create the job of your dreams. I have never found a website that has explained things like SEO to me so perfectly -- especially the post that talks about increasing traffic to your Etsy shop, and even talks about how to find awesome tags using the search bar...genius. I spent several days after that re-doing the tags for each item in the shop, and I have noticed quite a difference in what people are looking for and in how many views I'm getting.

I am currently registered in a free course that is being offered by The Dream Job Shop. It's all about how to start a newsletter for your shop, blog, or whatever you need it for. So far it has been really easy to follow, and I've learned a lot of really great ideas on how to utilise MailChimp to it's full potential and how to market and promote my newsletter -- we're only on week two, but I recommend to check it out...and it's free!

Not only is the blog full of tips and trick for your shop, but they also share fun DIY projects, ideas to stay motivated -- not just in business but life as well, and fun links and videos to take you into your weekend. It's my new favourite hangout spot on the internet.

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