August 10, 2012

Why I Blog, Anyway

When I stumbled upon The Tiny Twig's blog post "Why Blog, Anyway?" I thought I knew exactly why I was blogging. But now I'm beginning to wonder -- again -- because, like most other bloggers out there, I want my blog to be well received and loved by all.

I go through funks where I get sad because it feels like nobody is visiting my blog and leaving comments, and then I get excited because I have a new person following along, and a few comments on each new blog post. It can be hard sometimes when all I hear are crickets on my blog for a little while, but then I have those people who regularly visit me and genuinely like what I have to say or share.

Besides myself, those are the people that I am really writing for: the people that have taken an interest in my life and what I have to say, and that is why I continue to blog. I like sharing my opinions with you, telling you little stories about my day, and showing you a new recipe that I have tried out.

As hard as it can be sometimes, I know that I should keep truckin'. I have to remember that I don't blog to make everyone happy. 

Why do you blog?


  1. I must admit I was a bit anti blogging in the early days. But then....I decided it would be fun to make my sketchbook into a blog and it grew from there. I think people often start a blog with one idea and then it organically morphs into something else as they grow with it. If anything - it is a great record of life, up and downs, to look back on in later years!

    1. I totally started with a different idea, and took a big left turn somewhere along the way. I'm happy that I did too, my blog would have been booooring! It really is a lot of fun to take a look back at my blog every once-in-a-while. I even like visiting the blog that I had before this one. It's like a completely different life.

  2. I've had SUCH a love/hate relationship with my blogs. (I've been through two google accounts and way too many blogs already). I get really discouraged when people stop commenting or when I stop receiving new followers, and I totally lose my motivation. The only blog that's surviving besides my author blog is my art blog. Blogging (consistently) is tough!

    1. You are so right, blogging consistently is tough! I do my best to keep coming up with new ideas, and that seems to help me out. Thanks for stopping by :)


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