August 24, 2012

Art Has Rules?

I originally saw this little poster on the blog of an art teacher, and it made me quite sad. I work with preschool children, and I would never expect them to stop using their imagination and use colours that "make sense." It is unfair to their creativity as an artist.  I couldn't possibly begin to express how angry I would be if someone started giving me rules about how they think my art should look.

While I think that it is important for children to learn about the structured side of art, and that they should take their time and not just put a couple of scribbles on a piece of paper, I think that it is unfair to teach children that it is wrong to have white space in their drawings, and to colour outside the lines.

They will figure these concepts on their own, without a poster telling them how to do it. For now, let them simply create without making rules. Rules are what children are going to have to live with for the rest of their lives, and art is the only way to escape.


  1. that made me sad, too. i am so with you, girl!

  2. ElleSee, thank you so much for happening upon my blog and following (i followed ya back, sistah). i'm glad you liked my silly post about a very professional blog meeting!


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