Our Engagement Story

January 05, 2012
A beautiful sapphire in a white gold setting

My husband and I had been together for four and a half years when we got married, and we were very young -- but I will share that story some other time. I first spotted my engagement ring in a flyer for a local jewelry store. I knew it was my ring as soon as I saw it. I showed the flyer to my husband -- who was my boyfriend at the time -- and thought nothing more of it.

Several weeks later, we were in the same mall that is home to the jewelry store that had sent out the flyer with the ring that I wanted. We stopped in the jewelry store so that I could show him the ring that I wanted, only to find out that -- oh no! -- the ring had been sold! I was quite disappointed knowing that I couldn't show him the ring, but also that I may not be able to get the ring that I so badly wanted.

Little did I know that the day I showed my husband -- boyfriend -- the ring in the flyer, he went to purchase the ring. In fact, I was at his house and he told me he just needed to run to Zellers to grab something, and that's when he made his way to the jewelry store. I had no idea until the day he read me the sweetest poem that he had written, and asked me to marry him :)

It's Time

It's been almost 4 years
What a wonderful time it's been
Getting to know you, love you
And everything in between

You are more beautiful
Than the moon in the sky
And you make me
The most happiest guy

There was no hot air balloon
Or plane in the sky
But I wrote you this poem
Because I'm that kind of guy

Please don't scream
But you may cry
I love you so much
And that's no lie

Laura Christine Holtby
Will you be my wife
And live happily together
For the rest of our lives


  1. What a sweet story and poem!

  2. That is TOO SWEET! I love that he wrote you a poem and I love the story about you saying the ring was gone when in reality he had bought it for you! (:

    I loved reading your answers to my quiz thing...i learned so much about you! (: Wow, you've been EVERYWHERE!! My sissy and I are best buds too, we are about two 1\2 years apart tho. That's so neat you look like them and also that you didn't cut your hair for that long! And funny that you're shorest, hehe!(: It's okay, short people are cool. (That's what I tell my shorter, but older sister all the time, ha! check out her blog at purposelyathome.blogspot.com)

  3. Thank you for all of the wonderful comments!

    @Memory...I think you're talking about another Elle. I actually had to double check it wasn't my blog you had linked to in your post. I will definitely check out your sister's blog though :)

  4. beautiful love the poem newest follower look forward to reading your posts


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