For Sweet Morran

December 06, 2011
There once was a sweet dog named Morran. There once was a sweet dog named Morran who loved to go for walks and explore. Morran loved to meet new friends, and receive mail from her adoring fans. But one day, Morran got sick. She no longer wanted to go on walks with her owner Camilla, and finally lay her head down for one last nap.

It was a sad day when I heard about Morran. I had only just met her and Camilla, but I felt like I had known her forever. I loved looking at the photos of her adventures, and the expressions on her face as Camilla took photos of her posing with little stuffed creatures were priceless. But, this post is not about the sadness of losing Morran. It is about the good an exciting things that have come from it all.

trying to look the same 
Trying to Look the Same from Camilla Engman

A few months ago, Camilla posted a fantastic idea for a Morran Illustration Book that was tentatively called, The Book of Morran. It was a call for any one to submit a drawing, photograph, illustration -- whatever they imagined -- that was a tribute to Morran. It didn't necessarily have to be of Morran. It could also be your own dog with a Morran mask, or something that Morran loved -- whatever your inspiration may be. But everyone was so in love with Morran, that a vast majority of the submissions ended up being of sweet Morran.

Today, the followers of Morran received news that the book was complete. And what a fantastic book it is. I am so proud to say that one of my own submissions made it into the book -- it can be found on p. 123. This book is a loving tribute to the sweetest dog, and all of the profits from the book will be going to the World Society for the Protection of Animals -- $4 is going to WSPA and the rest is the price to Blurb for the book -- they are printing and shipping it.

Snuggeling:  The photo that was the inspiration for my artwork in 
the Morran Book Project

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