November 06, 2011

Have a Coke -- for the Polar Bears

Coca-Cola has had the Polar Bear as a cute little spokes animal every Christmas season for quite a while now -- I can't really remember when they didn't. Well, imagine my excitement when I opened up my latest box of Coke -- yes, I am an addict -- to find that the cans are now white with little Polar Bears on them.

Polar Bear Coke Can

I don't normally go to corporate websites, but I checked out* to get a little information about the reason behind the can. Right now, if you visit the website here, they are hoping that their customers will donate money to help the Polar Bears, and are even going to match donations up to $1 million USD.

The site even has a "pawprint" calculator, and I didn't do too bad. I know there are a lot of things that I can, and should do, for the environment, but I'm already trying my best to do my part. It's not just for the Polar Bears; I've got a little boy here that needs a world where he can live without a care in the world.

* I am in no way endorsing Coca-Cola, nor anything associated with them. I just wanted to get some information behind the new Coke can.


  1. awww, the polar bears cans!! i love those. cheesy as it is, i also love the santa claus coke bottles in december. makes me feel nostalgic :)

  2. I've never seen the Santa Coke bottles! They must just be in the States.

  3. I love so much polar bears! (:

    Thanks for sharing, over here they don't sell those cans!



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