Grammar: My Two Cents

October 04, 2011
I am a bit concerned about the future of the English language, specifically grammar.

How many of you have encountered someone that uses the words "there", "they're" and "their" improperly? Have you read anything where the author confuses the words "your" and "you're"? These two are what bother me the most. We learned about these five words when we were in elementary school, and it's almost as if they flee our minds when we go to use them.

What concerns me about the future of grammar is so many people frequently misuse it. What is to become of the future generations if the people teaching them can't even spell properly?

I admit that I'm not perfect when it comes to grammar, but something has to be said about the lack of grammar in society today. You can blame it on anything you want, but the problem is still there, and it will continue as long as we let it.

That's my two cents.


  1. I see poor grammar more and more often, even in professional settings. It really bothers me too.

  2. Yes!!! I really dislike seeing those words mixed us. I know (no?) that we all slip up every once in a while and even though I'm not immune from such mistakes it still irks me. I also really don't like the mix up between "it's" and "its". I feel you on this one!!!

  3. i get crazy when i see those two specific mistakes. but i think it might be due to the fact that people type so often and so fast, and are taking in so much information via the internet, the part of the mind that remembered how to spell gets confused sometimes :)


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