It Warms My Heart

September 01, 2011
When I contacted CanadaCanoodles to let her know that she won my first giveaway, she sent me a message back with a request to take the drawing to my local children's hospital, or the pediatric ward in our hospital. I was more than happy to fulfill her request.

We do not currently have a children's hospital; that is something that our city is working hard to build. So my plan was to take it to the pediatric ward in one of our local hospitals. My son was born at this hospital, and, within days after his birth, was readmitted because of jaundice. The pediatric ward, and the fundraising effort to build a wonderful children's hospital is now very close to my heart.

Today was the day that I finally made my way to the hospital to drop off the little drawing in a beautifully suited wooden frame for a child to enjoy during his/her time in the hospital. I approached the front desk of the pediatric ward to let the nurse know that I had a little drawing that I wanted to donate to a child in their care. She took me to her manager who was very happy to receive the donation. She said they sometimes give gifts to children who need it most at that moment, or they will hold onto them and give them to children on their birthdays.

It felt so good! I'm so happy that CanadaCanoodles asked me to donate the drawing. In fact, I have contacted the group that does the fundraising for the children's hospital to ask them if I could make a donation of a print from my shop, or an original drawing for them to auction off at an event. I also plan on doing more little drawings and donating them to the pediatric ward for them to give to the children. It just warms my heart thinking that something I have created will be lifting the hearts of the children who need it most!

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  1. What a beautiful story...thanks for the inspiration to reach out more...Jill


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