You Know You're a Mom When: Pampers vs. Huggies

June 23, 2011
In February, as a new mom-to-be that works in the business of child care, I approached a co-worker that works with toddlers and asked her which diaper she prefers, seeing as she changes several dozen diapers a day and would have a better idea of which diapers are best.

She told me that Pampers and Huggies are essentially the same, except that Pampers do a better job of keeping moisture away from baby's bottom. My husband and I decided to try Pampers.

When we finally got our little muffin home and were not using hospital diapers anymore, we were very pleased with the way Pampers kept the moisture away from his little bottom. My co-worker was right!

We were even more pleased with the performance of Pampers after using a small package of Huggies diapers that were given as a gift, and did not keep the moisture away from his bottom; in fact, they even filled up faster!

So, I beg the question:

Which do you prefer: Pampers or Huggies?


  1. Huggies, I always had a problem with leaks with pampers. Plus when i was using them years ago they still used the sticky tabs, and huggies was using the velcro like ones, I liked those better. I am sure things changed since 7 years ago, I out of habit bought huggies for my son. Now it's just nighttime ones for him now! :)

  2. I have used both, and I like the way Huggies are shaped personally, but my little boys shirt would be damp with urine when he slept through the night. We settled on Luvs. No leaking and keeps him dry- and pricing is great too :)

    Your newest follower,


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